November 24 – I am Grateful for…

Day 24… November 24

Today I am grateful for THANKSGIVING.

Thanksgiving in the United States of America is observed on the 4th Thursday of November.

I love Thanksgiving because more than just all the yummy food it is a day spent with family and enjoying some traditions.

One tradition that we try to maintain is using real dishes, glassware, and silverware. In a day when it seems that everything is disposable, it is very easy to let that go, but I love that we try to continue to make this a special holiday in simple ways.

This year I was able to host 2 of my brothers and their families and it was a small group of us for a change. Now when I say a small group of us, I mean it was only 19 of us. 🙂 Sadly, I didn’t manage to take any pictures of our group this year.

Just for reference, on the Keil family side, there are 52 family members still with us, and on the Anderson family side, there are 98 still with us.

To get “All together” is quite an undertaking, so it doesn’t happen all that often. But it isn’t unusual for our thanksgivings to be around the 40 or 50 people mark.

The older I get the worse I am at taking pictures of our activities together. That is something I want to get back into the habit of in the future.

It is a day focused on gratitude. I strive to make gratitude a regular practice that lasts longer than one day or month. It doesn’t always work out that way though. Thanksgiving gives me a good focus for an extended period and I like that.

It is a day focused on gratitude. I am striving to make gratitude a regular practice that lasts longer than one day or month.

Hello Friends!

I’m Michelle. I am learning how to minimize my overwhelm, perfectionism, and people-pleasing and I am ready to help you do the same. I’m a certified Life Coach and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Come with me and learn how.

Even if I am less than perfect at that practice, I love that I can spend a day celebrating the many blessings that I receive all year long.

I love the foods we have come to expect from each family….Anderson’s usual include turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls, black olives, and even the candied yams that not very many people will eat. 🙂 and lots and lots of pies for dessert.

….Keil’s usuals include turkey, ham, lamb, corned beef, (yes they need multiple types of meat!!), Samoan chop suey, steamed rice, taro in coconut milk, two different types of gravy, and then all the “normal” regular things like mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, vegetables, and all the desserts.

I love this holiday, and I am grateful for the traditions we can enjoy and pass on to our families.

What are you grateful for? “Contact Me” and send me a quick email. If you prefer, you can “Schedule a Conversation” for a free session to discuss what you want to work towards and how to get started.

The work is GRATITUDE, and I want to become a master!!

And as always…..Remember…..It’s ALL good!!

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