June 2023 – Goals and Sustainability – Spiritual

So why goals? I believe that part of this “divine plan” is for me to learn to work with and manage my physical body and mind. They are gifts from my Heavenly Parents for me to use to come to know myself better. I don’t believe God wants us to become something different than we are (Just my belief, and may be unpopular), but truly to become more of who we were created to be.

Moving into a New Phase

I have decided to let go of the “need” for perfection. That doesn’t mean I don’t still “want” to be able to show up perfectly. I am moving toward letting go of some of that perfection and still showing up.

As I build up the muscles of doing things less than perfectly, I want to continue to create more things to share with the world.

Is it a Pivot or Just Figuring it Out?

As I gain more clarity on what I am creating and why I am creating, I can see that there are pieces that have always been there. I am just fine tuning to make it more focused, more cohesive, and more resonant.

And over the next several months (since I am not a website creator :)) I will be updating my website to better represent who I am, what I do, how I can help you, and what that looks like.

When You Accomplish a Goal – Part 1

Most importantly I want to take the time to congratulate myself on showing up, imperfectly at times, for myself, for nearly an entire year, to meet, achieve and succeed in my goals…. ALL of my goals for this particular event. Celebrating my achievements is not something I am accustom to so I am working to develop that more for myself as well.

November 30 – I am Grateful for…

I am grateful that Robert is willing to put up with me. I am not the easiest person at times.

I am grateful that he has taught our kids that the most important relationship in our family is our relationship with each other. We have always joked with our kids we can’t miss them if we don’t leave AND when they leave we still want to like being with each other.

November 27 – I am Grateful for…

My body is an amazing gift and I want to take care of it. I want to appreciate all the wonderful things my body can do. I want to appreciate how my body has gotten me to this point in my life. I want to appreciate the strength and endurance my body is capable of.

I am grateful for this body…. all it has done and what it will yet do….to make my life the blessing and gift that it clearly is.

November 26 – I am Grateful for…

If you have met Ally and you don’t know, it will probably come as no surprise that her favorite color is yellow. She is pure sunshine. With a 1000-watt smile and warm inviting personality, she is always ready to help someone else feel welcome and included.

Ally is a determined woman who is wiling to go after the things she wants to do in life.