November 9 – I am Grateful for…

Day 9… November 9

Today I am grateful for Wednesday mornings.

Wednesdays are the day that I have set aside time for two things that bless my life immeasurably.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, there are two main types of buildings (generally speaking) that we worship in.

Our chapels, or stake centers (“stake” referring to a larger geographical area that includes multiple congregations) are where we meet for our Sabbath day observances, and other congregational activities throughout the week. In many of these buildings you can find a baptismal font where we can make baptismal covenants or commitments with God. We renew these commitments each week as we take the Sacrament. There are somewhere between 8000 – 10,000 chapels in the world.

Our temples are buildings where we go for spiritual instruction and to make greater personal covenants or commitments with God. Personal covenants called endowments, as well as marriage sealings of husband and wife are among the ordinances performed in the temple.

Temple are dedicated to God and not open to the general public. They are sacred spaces and should be treated as such.

I try to attend the temple each Wednesday morning. It is a place that I can feel peace and tranquility. I feel strengthened spiritually. I can feel God’s love for me and for all His children. This helps me to show that love to those around me.

The marriage sealings performed in the temple are to unite families even after death. We don’t believe in “till death do us part” but we believe that we will be able to continue our relationships after this life and that as families we can still be together.

My husband and I were married or sealed to each other, in the Oakland, California temple. We have this beautiful artwork of that special place in our home.

The Day Dawn is Breaking Temple series by Landon Gage Ramsay

When our son died, this marriage sealing was one of the few comforts that I had. I truly believe that he is still a part of our family and is aware of us. His is like a guardian angel of sorts that helps us out as he can.

When my mother passed away, part of my grief was assuaged by the thought that now she and our son were reunited in the next life. I am grateful for my testimony that this life is not the end and I can be with my mom and my son again.

When I regularly attend the temple I feel better about the world and my life specifically. It is not that the circumstances change but my peace and strength are increased.

[The temple] is a place that I can feel peace and tranquility. I feel strengthened spiritually. I can feel God’s love for me and for all His children.

Hello Friends!

I’m Michelle. I am learning how to minimize my overwhelm, perfectionism, and people-pleasing and I am ready to help you do the same. I’m a certified Life Coach and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Come with me and learn how.

Gilbert Arizona Temple

The second part of my Wednesday mornings that I love is a weekly religious study class we call “Institute Class”.

It is an opportunity for several of us to gather together and read and discuss the remarks given to us during the most recent General Conference of our church. Twice each year, in April and October, speakers share messages of faith and hope with their testimonies of the Savior Jesus Christ.

In our Institute class we can study and discuss these messages and learn together. We have an amazing teacher who is so insightful. It is another way I am choosing to spend my Wednesday mornings that makes such an impact on my week.

These two things leave me feeling especially grateful for the life that I am able to create and enjoy. To have the opportunity to participate in these things and to have the freedom of circumstance to take advantage of these opportunities makes a difference in the rest of my week.

What are you grateful for? “Contact Me” and send me a quick email. If you prefer, you can “Schedule a Conversation” for a free session to discuss what you want to work towards and how to get started.

The work is GRATITUDE, and I want to become a master!!

And as always…..Remember…..It’s ALL good!!

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